About Marion Mulder

Marion Mulder

Product Owner for Digital Products, preferably for Digital Assistant, Chatbot, AI, IoT & Customer Experience

“Digitale technologie voor je laten werken” daar zet ik me graag voor in!

“Making digital & conversational technology work for you”
I enjoy helping people and organisations embrace and leverage digital technology (at work) so it make things easier, simpler, better and more fun.

I have been working in the field of digital technology since 1998 and am still fascinated by how digital technology shapes today’s and tomorrows business processes and relationships.
For me it started with building websites, moved into intranet management and implementing digital workplaces, followed by building apps, and I’m now actively learning about chat bots, virtual assistants, AI and cognitive and conversational user interfaces.

I like to apply design thinking and agile methodologies to my work.

I started my career at ING in 1995 and worked there in a variety of roles. In 2011 I decided to continue my path as an independent professional, which enables me to continuously learn from new organisations and project and bring that experience to your next project.

I’m looking forward to share my knowledge, experience, energy and enthusiasm with your organisation or project!





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