A few years ago I read the book “The starfish and the spider – the unstoppable power of leaderless organizations” and its one of these books that kept sticking in my mind. In short the book looks and the difference between a more traditional organisation (hierarchy) and leaderless organizations, or networks. When I read it, it struck a cord with me as at the time I was one of the people driving a grass-root employee network and the book gave a real great insight in the challenges we were facing as a network within a hierarchy. With online social networks becoming more and more mainstream, the book is also a great read for those wanting to understand why their online social network or community is running the way it is.

If you want more information about the book, have a look at their website www.starfishandspider.com.

For your convenience I have added 2 videos from one of the writers who talks about the book. I have also made a summary on prezi so click on the image to view the prezi.

prezi on movement


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