Here’s a great example of how a small group of people started a movement and did something that seemed impossible:

Campaign “Let’s Do It!” – a grassroot initiative to clean up the country from illegal waste in just one day. There was over 10 000 tons of illegal waste lying around all over Estonia and it was an outrageous plan — to clean it all up on one day! On May 3, 2008 with help of 50 000 volunteers more than 10 000 tons of garbage gathered and Estonia was cleaned up from illegal waste.
The results of the action in Estonia:
• 22,5 million euros worth of work was done with the cost of 0.5 million euros;
• The State Forest Management Centre states: since 2008, waste dumping problem has decreased 75%;
• 10 000 tons of garbage collected from the nature and public areas, put into proper waste handling process;
• 40% of the garbage recycled – a record in Estonia.
Join to World Cleanup 2012!
Now it’s time to bring together all people in different countries to turn things around for the better. We are inviting active people and organizations to join all of our forces in World Cleanup 2012!

In 2012, starting from 24th of March until 25th of September, a series of cleanups will sweep over the globe, touching all continents and bringing together a million volunteers. All in the name of cleaning up Earth from garbage and raising the level of awareness in our global community.Subscribe to and follow Let’s do it! movement at
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