For a while now I’m intrigued by the concepts of crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and what I call “volunteer2.0”. I have been doing “volunteer2.0” work for years now; since 2004 I’m on the board of a number of networking organisations that are fully volunteer driven but do operate in the arena of the big corporate organisations. Corporates (and specifically managers in corporates) and volunteers are driven by very different motivations and often don’t speak the same language, causing friction.

As I wanted to better understand what is causing this babilonical confusion I started to read as much as possible about it and will be sharing more of my thought about the subject on my blog in the coming months.

So what is a volunteer2.0? When talking about volunteer work, somehow most people automatically assume the volunteer work has to do with 3rd world aid or helping out in e.g. elderly care. But more and more people are starting to offer their professional services for free. They build websites, run organisations, become mechanical turks at Amazon, crowdsource an entire restaurant into a viable business,  or organise an event, often using todays resources such as social media to get people together. So in a way it’s just another word for crowdsourcing but I use it in conversations with people who are still foreign to the concepts or crowdsourcing or crowdfunding.

Recommended “reading”
The Starfish and the Spider
Cognitive Surplus – Clay Shirkey
Easycratie – Martijn Aslander
The 4 hour work week – Tim Ferriss
Wij – Remco Claassen
Driving Results through social networks – Cross & Thomas
Drive – Dan Pink (here’s the RSA video link)
Hoe werk werkt – Jolet Plom

A European perspective
Most material available today is very US based, and although that is very useful, I’m also looking into the effectiveness from a european point of view, as in Europe there are many cultures and languages which might have an impact on the scale of success.
An interesting resource for this is


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