You don’t need to have a hugh budget and spend a lot of time to learn from the great minds like Henry Mintzberg, Michael Beer, Marshall Goldsmith, or Philip Kotler, to name a few, if you use the concept of social learning. One great example is Coaching Ourselves.

To get an idea, watch this video by Henry Mintzberg:


About Coaching Ourselves

CoachingOurselves is natural management development anchored in the workplace. A team of managers gets together every couple of weeks, for an hour and a half, to discuss their own experiences and challenges in the light of major topics of management.

How it Works
A CoachingOurselves subscription provides:
* Open access to our entire library of management topics.
* Regular support in which we recommend topics that will stimulate discussions around a team or groups current management issues, challenges, or areas of interest.
* A brief introduction over the phone, or more involved support if required, as the group or team begins with their first topic.
* A service to collect stories and results from each group, which are shared with other CoachingOurselves groups, business stakeholders, and anyone else interested in CoachingOurselves within the organization.
There is no pre-work, the team members just need to bring a print-out of the topic and a pen, no laptops! The topic guides a 90 minute group meeting. There is no right or wrong way, just common sense and good judgment with a goal of getting on with the job of managing and making things happen.

To get started or to learn more visit


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