How to create a movement – the DivBuzz story

In other posts I have described how easy it is to start a movement. To take my suggestions to the test and to learn by doing, I used my own advice to create the DivBuzz movement.

the movement
DivBuzz is a movement with the aim to co-create and share the knowledge on Diversity from a european perspective. There are many great organisations, people, communities, networks, movements and initiatives around this topic active in Europe but I could not really find an easy-access overview of who’s doing what in Europe. So I figured: why not start something myself and do this 2.0-style by creating a movement rather than an organisation and asking anyone who wants to, to share their knowledge.
Further I created 3 lists on my twitter account, “people”, “organisations”, and “events” and followed a few organisations and people I knew.

How I got started
On 02 March 2011 I started by creating all the social media tools that I would start create the buzz:
* I claimed the #DivBuzz hastag on twitter
* I created a @DivBuzz twitter account
* I claimed
* I created a free wordpress blog
* than I autoforwarded to the new blog
* I integrated the twitter account in the blog
* I created a facebook fanpage
…and I was good to go.

The “only” thing I now had to do was start writing the pages for the blog so people know what the movement is all about and what they can do to contribute. Next I wrote a number of blog articles and used the “Tweet this” and “Facebook Like” to get the first messaged out to the world.

The progress
In the 1st week DivBuzz got 20 followers on twitter.
More will be added here as we go along.


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