here’s how to do it:

* Claim a #tag (keep it short!)
* Create a twitter account with the same name (keep it short!)
* Claim a URL for around €10,- a year and park it (or get a cheep hosting with unlimited pop accounts = email, will cost you an additional €15,- a year)
* Create a free blog (e.g. on
* Create a free facebook fanpage
* Create a free Yammer network using you newly acquired unlimited email accounts (optional)
or create a free Google groups (optional)
* Creat a free wiki (e.g. via

The key to creating a great movement is of course having a “sticky idea” that people want to get involved in and the other important thing is to start creating great messages people want to forward to their friends. But with the above tips it surely isn’t the technology stopping you from acting!

So get moving!


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